Our review of Scarlet Clicks

What others have to say:

FoxyRating: Legit

TrustPilot Rating: 3.3

Please consider using our reflink https://www.scarlet-clicks.info/?ref=sansevieria to sign up for Scarlet Clicks if you would like to try them out. If you send us verifiable proof with your Scarlet Clicks username, you may even be eligible for additional bonuses from us later just for signing up under us! If you have trouble with the link you can copy and paste https://www.scarlet-clicks.info/?ref=sansevieria in your browser.

Our findings:

Scarlet Clicks is Legit in our view.

This is the actual amount we have earned from our own activity and our referrals since we signed up for Scarlet Clicks on February 11, 2021. It will update as our earned amount from this site increases over time.

We usually reinvest much of our earnings into advertising for our other websites, such as this one, Nobody’s Property, or Sansevieria Media Group. However, we did perform a small cashout and it was successful.

We have had at least one successful cashout and currently rate this site as Legit. We will report back with further findings at a later time.

What we like:

  • No frills website layout – the ads actually load faster in some cases, though, beware, a lot of people with image-heavy ads do advertise here.
  • Vacation Days!. You can buy vacation days for 50¢ each for days you just don’t feel like clicking ads, and still get paid for your referrals. We have found NO other PTC/GPT site that does this! This is an excellent feature to have when you have a lot of referrals like we do and are making well over that per day. We don’t recommend this feature if you’re making less than 50¢ per day with this site from your referrals, direct or rented.
  • The rented referrals actually seem to pay for themselves and then some. This is actually pretty rare. Rented referrals are more often than not a questionable business practice at best, and at worst potential scams. This does not appear to be the case with Scarlet Clicks at the moment, at least not according to our own research. While we still DO NOT recommend renting referrals, and don’t usually do it for any other reason than research of PTC and/or GPT websites, we have personally had no problem recouping our investment in them here, and additionally covering our Monthly Gold membership as well.
  • No deposit required to withdraw. You can even cash out without ever having deposited one dime. Very good sign of a stable, legitimate PTC/GPT website that truly makes its money when YOU make money. While otherwise is not an absolute sign of a scam, it does make us suspicious when we are researching and reviewing sites.

What We Don’t Like

  • It takes 8 days to receive payment after a withdrawal. This isn’t problematic for us, but what about those who need the money they’ve earned?
  • The traffic exchange crashes…a lot.

Want to try Scarlet Clicks?

We would really appreciate it if you sign up using our reflink https://www.scarlet-clicks.info/?ref=sansevieria

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