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Terms of Service


G1. This website, its publishers, staff, and all other persons/entities affiliated with it, is/are in no way responsible for the content of any ads, and makes no endorsement of any advertisers. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO PERFORM YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE.

G2. No warranties of any kind are implied.

G3. You agree not to use automated software to view advertisements.

G4: Nadia appears courtesy of nobodysproperty.com, sansevieria.net, and sansevieriafilms.com, all of which, along with this site, are entities of Sansevieria Media Group. You may only use authorized banners to promote NadiaClicks.com.

G5: Accounts inactive in excess of 60 days may be considered abandoned, and deactivated.

G6: Any funds remaining in accounts that are suspended/deactivated due to any Breach of Terms of Service or Abandonment, shall be considered forfeited to the website owner.

G7: In the event that any amendments are made to the Terms and Conditions, your continued use of NadiaClicks.com going forward constitutes your agreement to all new amendments to the Terms and Conditions, without limitation.


R1: You agree not to create fake referrals through any means including but not limited to the use of multiple accounts, whether from the same or a different IP address.

R2: NadiaClicks.com does not make any warranties or guarantees regarding the performance of any referrals. Purchasing or otherwise obtaining referrals constitutes your agreement that we make no guarantees or warranties regarding their performance. Some referrals may perform well, some may not.

R3: No refunds on purchases of any kind, including but not limited to membership upgrades, referrals, and advertisements.


C1: You agree not to make any false accusations, or accusations without verifiable proof, against this website, the publisher, or any other users of NadiaClicks.com

C2: Abusive language is prohibited in any forums provided, especially including but not limited to against other members. 

C3: You agree not to intentionally cheat the website in any way, without limitation. 

C4: Anyone caught or reasonably suspected of using bots, automated software, multiple usernames, an excessive number of multiple IP addresses,or any other means with the intention to cheat the site, may be subject to deactivation, and all funds forfeited.


P1: We reserve the right to withhold refuse payment(s) to any member who is suspended or banned for a breach of the Terms of Service (including but not limited to any attempts to cheat, use automated software, robots, or multiple accounts in an attempt to defraud the site and its customers).

P2: All purchases are non-refundable and final.

P3: We currently accept Bitcoin and Litecoin for deposits. Withdrawal options also include Bitcoin and Litecoin at this time.

P4: Anyone caught receiving or even attempting to receive any chargeback on any payment platform that offers the possibility, will be subject to a permanent ban from this platform, regardless of reason for chargeback attempt.


W1: Withdrawal minimums are in place to minimize transaction fees on both our end and yours.

W2: We reserve the right to deduct the transaction fee amount from the total amount sent to you when making a withdrawal request.

Lootably/Loot.tv Offerwall Cashouts

We are having technical difficulties with the Lootably and Loot.tv Offerwalls, but have figured out a temporary workaround, which you must follow in order to successfully cash out. You must contact us, either via support ticket or email, within a reasonable amount of time, any time you complete a Lootably offer or cashout from Loot.tv to NadiaClicks.com. 

L1: You must contact us within a reasonable time, either via the Support Ticket system or via email, when completing any Lootably task or cashing out Loot.tv points from Loot.tv to NadiaClicks.com

L2: We reserve the right to place a hold on payouts from Lootably and Loot.tv for up to 60 days, as this is how long it can sometimes take for us to get paid by them.

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