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NadiaClicks is back online
Published on May 09th, 2023 10:09 pm

We are back up and running. All users and balances have been restored.

We're still not entirely sure what happened. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Get more out of your Rotate4All and NadiaClicks accounts with new Hemlock T.E.A. ads for your Rotate4All PTP links!
Published on Oct 15th, 2022 07:03 am

Want to get more out of Rotate4All and NadiaClicks? Check out our 12-second Hemlock T.E.A. (Traffic Exchange Ads) advertisements. You can get 80 PTC Ad credits for just $0.01. If you're really serious about profit, we have even larger packages, all the way up to 2,000,000 PTC ads for just $219...and Hemlock T.E.A. ads cost just $0.00011 per click when you buy them by the million or more (even slightly less when you get 2 million at a time)

Don't even have a penny to get started? That's okay! You can get your first penny from us by clicking on a total of 100 Hemlock T.E.A. ads - it might take a few days if there are fewer than 100 Hemlock T.E.A. ads available on any given day. We try to have at least 5 up at all times just for our own links.

It's a win-win for everyone and here's why:

Change in Ad Requirements for Commissions
Published on Jul 17th, 2022 02:19 pm

Effective July 17, 2022, we are adding an Admin ad, which generates us a small commission from Rotate4All, and is required to click to view the other ads. This may take effect at any time on or after July 17, 2022.

However, you will no longer be required to click ads to earn from your referrals, whether direct or purchased also effective as of July 17, 2022. 

Also, we are dropping the price to purchase referrals from 20¢ per lifetime referral to 10¢. However, as they are actual humans (to the best of our knowledge, anyway), we can neither guarantee the availability or performance of our referrals at any given time (and you should be suspicious of anyone who claims they can - new article coming up on that soon)

Thank you for surfing

Special Instructions For Cashing Out To from
Published on Jul 17th, 2022 01:57 pm

If you are cashing out from to, you must submit a support ticket or email each and every time you cash out to us from them, and let us know whether you would like it in your cash or purchase balance. You will get 10% extra if you opt for purchase balance, through at least September 30, 2022 - and we reserve the right to extend the duration or increase the bonus if this is successful. We pay out better than just about everyone else who participates in the opportunity, but due to a glitch either on our end or theirs, we have to process everything manually, so please let us know when you cash out and be patient. Allow at least 4 and up to 60 days to process cashout requests. The larger the cashout request, the longer it may take to process, as we do not get paid from them for your activity for at least 30 days. We don't like it either, but it is what it is. 

Offerwalls Temporarily Disabled
Published on Jun 20th, 2022 10:44 am

For some reason, the offerwalls are not working correctly. There is a problem with the postback. We will contact EvolutionScript about this matter and get it fixed, but in the meantime they are disabled. PTC ads should still work fine though.

Testing the Offerwalls
Published on Jun 19th, 2022 09:20 pm

The offerwalls may not work properly at the moment.

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