Frequently Asked Questions

There is actually a lot of controversy surrounding the business models of some PTC/GPT sites who offer rented referrals, and there are those who consider it to be a red flag. While we've had both success and failure with rented referrals on other PTC and GPT sites where we have been members, we just don't like the business model as a general rule, and feel it's not the best option for our site to offer rented referrals. Therefore, we have therefore decided not to rent out referrals at this time, nor do we plan to offer them in the future. While many PTC and GPT sites listed either as LEGIT or PROMISING on such as Cliquesteria do appear to offer rented referrals that are actually profitable (at least for us - at least at the moment), we prefer not to get in the game of rented referrals. However, you can buy real human referrals for about the same price everyone else charges to rent them for a month. They are real humans, so we might not always have referrals available for purchase, and of course, there are no guarantees of performance.

We are looking into adding PayPal as an option in the near future, but cannot currently make any promises.

NadiaClicks is managed from the United States, which is not eligible to participate in Payeer or PerfectMoney.

NadiaClicks is an entity of Sansevieria Media Group, which also owns Nobody's Property (the illustrated manga series Nadia is from.)

We don't know if you "can" as in have the ability to, but you MAY not, as in no, you do NOT have our permission to do that, it's our site, our rules, which you agreed to when you signed up, and if we catch you, you will be subjected to a permanent ban from our site, as well as forfeiture of all balances, which you agreed to when you signed up (whether or not you ACTUALLY read the terms and conditions or just agreed to them as was required when you signed up.)

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